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Written and directed by Jeb Stuart (who cowrote The Fugitive), this thriller is so ungeneric I enjoyed a lot of it simply because I wasn't certain what or whom the story was urging me to be curious about. With the exception of Dennis Quaid as a brass-tacks FBI agent with a personal agenda, the performances are engaging—especially R. Lee Ermey as the incumbent in a small-town sheriff's election that provides the political context for the investigation of a murder spree. While Quaid and Ermey bond, Jared Leto and Danny Glover—one of whom may be running toward something, the other away from something—cross the Rockies in the middle of a snowstorm in a one-of-a-kind Cadillac. For a while it's interesting to wonder what Leto's and Glover's intentions are toward each other and in general, but after you find out all you get are some lukewarm stunts. Still, the story is unusual in that it dispenses with explaining the motives of its serial killer.


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