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Hours: Dinner: Monday-Saturday
Open Late: Friday & Saturday till 11
Closed: Sunday

Price: $$$

Sushi and more than 30 loose-leaf teas.

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I guess I had different expectations given the cutesy name, because when I walked into T-Spot Sushi I was surprised by the swanky Eurobeat vibe, everything black and fancy. The T stands for tea, and the restaurant features a long list of them, including a pricey rare white as well as green, oolong, black, and herbal, and custom blends like a minty Moroccan. Getting down to brass tacks, we tried the Chicago Fire maki, crunchy tempura encased in velvety avocado and dabbed with chile sauce; while we loved the textures, the roll didn't have much heat, though a spicy tuna roll lived up to its billing. A brawl almost broke out over the last piece of our pearl roll, crab and tuna adorned with tobiko (the eggs of flying fish) in three different colors. A do-it-yourself tartare allows you to pick your choice of fish in one of three marinades. We chose a lime-ginger vinaigrette with white tuna, which was served bulked up with a five-fingered pinch of jicama in a martini glass with fried wonton wrappers on the side. We also tried a handful of standard sushi and maki and found them to be, well, standard. If tea's not your thing, you can BYO.

Kathie Bergquist

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Price: $$$

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