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The director of a dance performance that includes live and filmed elements woos the woman he casts in the lead—the girlfriend of one of the producers—after another dancer dumps him, and the relationships provide writer-director Carlos Saura with opportunities to tell a story through dance scenes that often exist on the same level of reality as the rest of the narrative. Production meetings, rehearsals, dates, confrontations, and fantasies are linked by provocative segues, and these transitions, as well as the dance numbers, are just shy of mesmerizing. But all the self-references and references to illusionist techniques—this 1998 movie is as tightly choreographed as the production whose development it depicts—culminate in what's essentially a cinematic one-liner. With Miguel Angel Sola, Cecilia Narova, Mia Maestro, Juan Carlos Copes, Carlos Rivarola, and dancer Julio Bocca as himself. In Spanish with subtitles. 114 min.

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