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Hours: Dinner: seven days
Open late: Friday & Saturday till midnight, Wednesday & Thursday till 11

Price: $$$

Sushi Mike, formerly at Hama Matsu, has found a new home at this new pan-Asian place.

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To best experience Tanoshii, put yourself in the hands of chef Mike Ham (better known as Sushi Mike), who's known for his improvisational skills as much as for his sage advice--"You’re gonna like that," he said, pointing to a piece of hamachi on my friend’s sashimi plate, "but try it without the soy sauce." He was right; it was perfect unadorned. The next time I went I brought a sushi virgin and asked Mike to surprise us. We started with a light, refreshing maki featuring smoked salmon, cucumber, and Asian pear, continued with other flavorful and creative rolls not found on the menu, moved on to the "Mike special" -- red snapper and thin-sliced lemon rolled into a giant rosebud -- and ended what seemed like an odyssey of eating with a single, lovely slab of fatty tuna. The space, once home to the dingy Kotobuki, is now simple and bright. My only beefs are with the so-so miso and the liquor service (or lack thereof): the place is BYO, but I had to ask for glasses for my Sapporo, and my extras remained by my side, unchilled in their Jewel bag, for the duration. Still, nothing is going to keep me from going back so Sushi Mike can give me the business.

Kathie Bergquist

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Price: $$$

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