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Hours: Lunch, dinner: seven days
Open late: every night till 11:59

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Chinatown restaurant with a vast menu replete with items that could challenge even extreme eaters.

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Tasty City bears kinship with neighbors Chi Cafe and Sweet Station, three Hong Kong-ish places that are somewhat flashy and hip by Chinatown standards, offering menus with hundreds of items (most under $10), some of which might challenge even extreme eaters. Feeling adventurous, we aimed for novelty. Crispy intestines were (no kidding) the best pig guts in memory: with a red, almost caramelized crust and a tangy, sweet-and-sour-type sauce. We were likewise seduced by ribs with peach mayo: toothy strips of pork with few bones and an unusual puddinglike sauce, a mountainous meat sundae with flavor combinations we may never again experience. Beef with mixed fruit was an unpredictable sweet-savory mashup of red meat with pineapple, mango, blueberry, and strawberries, uncommon though not unpleasant plate fellows. Pork with jalapeño and dried radish turned out to be simply good fatty meat with vegetable heat. Congee with lettuce and balls of dace (a freshwater fish) proved refreshing and benefited from the requisite white pepper as well as a dash of chile oil. Fried buns were just exactly as they sound: white flour rolls plucked from hot oil and served with a milky sauce; ramen contained toothy house-made noodles, unexpectedly beefed up with a big hunk of brisket and a bonus side of chicken tenders (to be added to broth for textural contrast). While probably similar to smoothies served throughout Chinatown, the strawberry provided a complementary sweet-and-sour balance to the dinner, and the mango with lychee was sweet and fabulously fruity.

David Hammond

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