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TBS African Restaurant

Hours: Lunch: Monday-Saturday
Dinner: seven days
Afternoon: Sunday

Price: $

Relocated African buffet now serving soul food in addition to Nigerian specialties. The associated food truck remains in operation.

Restaurant Details

Years ago a Nigerian journalist introduced me to his country’s food at TBS African. Responding to my request for something we couldn’t get anywhere else he ordered what he told me was "cow," but it turned out to be an anatomically verifiable length of bull. The psychological hurdle of eating it was easier to jump than the physical one--I couldn’t cut it with a knife and he didn’t even attempt to. The all-you-can-eat buffet here presents fewer obstacles—-three kinds of rice, three fufus, two kinds of fish, and a few more meats, along with egusi, beans, and yams. The variety is nice but the age and temperature of many of these items would lead me to take my chances again with cooked-to-order meals from the kitchen. But the itinerant TBS lunch truck that lurks the vicinity of the Newberry Library most afternoons seems the safest bet to me.

Mike Sula

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Price: $

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