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Destined for cult status, this wild horror comedy by Mitchell Lichtenstein (son of pop-art painter Roy Lichtenstein) updates the vagina dentata myth to the modern-day cultural minefield of teen sexuality. A prissy high school student (Jess Weixler) who preaches abstinence to middle schoolers begins to feel her own scary stirrings of desire for a handsome classmate (Hale Appleman), but they're not half as scary as the midcoital discovery that she has an extra set of choppers down there. Lichtenstein aims mostly for satire, but Weixler (The Big Bad Swim) is also unexpectedly touching as the confused young heroine. This may be the only gory shocker ever made that provokes more screaming from the men in the audience.



  • Mitchell Lichtenstein


  • Jess Weixler
  • John Hensley
  • Josh Pais
  • Hale Appleman
  • Vivienne Benesch
  • Lenny Von Dohlen
  • Nicole Swahn
  • Julia Garro
  • Adam Wagner


  • Mitchell Lichtenstein


  • Joyce Pierpoline
  • Mitchell Lichtenstein

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