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Tell Me the Truth

Rhonda Larrabee grew up in Vancouver's Chinatown thinking she was French-Chinese, but when she reached adulthood her mother—breaking into sobs—informed her she was half Indian. Eunhee Cha's A Tribe of One (2003) movingly fleshes out the story of how Larrabee lost and regained her native identity. Christine Cynn and Harriet Hirshorn's Pote Mak Sonje: The Raboteau Trial documents the prosecution of Haitian soldiers and U.S.-backed paramilitary thugs who tortured and killed presumed Aristide supporters in 1994. Testimony from eyewitnesses, some of them filmed against the sky at the outdoor trial, is stunning; the claim that the U.S. helped leaders of the massacre evade arrest is troubling. In English and subtitled Creole. 93 min.


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