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Thai Spice

Hours: Dinner: seven days
Open Late: Friday & Saturday till 11.

Price: $$

Thai restaurant on Devon.

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It looks like a grimy wooden shack from the street, but on the inside this slightly pricey Thai dining room is all Asian knickknacks and sterile pastels; if not for the spacious quarters you'd think you were in a row condo whose owners enjoy Oriental travel. While management was eager to please, they must be hell to work for. A waitress was dressed down not four yards from my table, both for her English skills and for allowing me to order the spicier version of beef pud garpow (sauteed with basil, hot pepper, garlic, and mushrooms); the boss then warned me that if I insisted upon "hot" I would be overcome. While caution is understandable, and he did pick at her in a gentle tone, to embarrass staff in front of customers is mortifying. It's too bad, as the kitchen is excellent, balancing meats, oils, and vegetables just right, but what decent person can take pleasure in a meal served by subjugated hands? Not to mention the fact that the medium-spicy dish Mr. Big talked me into ordering needed hot sauce.

Ann Sterzinger

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