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When: Sat., Dec. 10, 8 p.m. 2016

New Jersey seven-piece Thank You Scientist likes to cite Frank Zappa and the Mahavishnu Orchestra as influences, but a better parallel might be the trashy, squiggly pop prog of Yes. On July’s Stranger Heads Prevail (Evil Ink), the group’s second full-length, Salvatore Marrano’s vocals are unabashedly schmaltzy, lodged somewhere between the bombast of Jon Anderson and the faux funk of contemporary boy bands. The lyrics are chock-full of heart-on-sleeve, wiggy profundity. “Mr. Invisible’s . . . been found!” Marrano wails while the backing band belts out lightning-fast chord changes complemented by smooth-jazz sax. The nine-minute “Rube Goldberg Variations” recalls the cabaret psych-strut of 60s Italian softcore soundtracks by folks like Piero Umiliani, with every tempo shift a wink. It’s all so unhip that the slinky undulations end up back at cool, especially when a crazed fuzz-guitar solo turns the track into a rock rave-up at the end. This is definitely music to giggle at, but the band either is in on the joke or has enough faith in its own considerable musical invention not to worry about it. Either way, if you like your music bloated and fabulous, you won’t want to miss TYS live.

Noah Berlatsky

Price: $15

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