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That Was No Endorsement


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While I think it is fantastic that you wrote a relatively unbiased article to educate the general public on pit bulls, I have to ask why you only spoke with trainers who use compulsion-based training techniques ["Born Bad?" February 24]. You write about the horrors that these dogs go through to make them attack humans--the beatings and starvation. What is so different between beating a dog to train it and shocking a dog?

Because one idiot thinks you can't train a pit bull with "cookies" and you have to inflict physical pain, you just take her word for it? I personally am a certified dog trainer, and both I and my colleagues who use positive reinforcement have trained hundreds of pit bulls with varying degrees of issues and seen wonderful results. To completely promote compulsion-based training as the only way to go is irresponsible. I am very surprised at the lack of research done on the options for training, especially from your paper, which I in general hold in very high regard. I had hoped to send this article out to my clients as some good information on the breed, but with your blatant endorsement of these horribly abusive techniques I never would.

Lisa Collins

Roscoe Village

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