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The Adventures of Juan Quin Quin

A circus performer, tenant farmer, matador, and revolutionary, Juan Quin Quin (Julio Martinez) charges through this arch 1967 allegory and movie parody, but he's an icon with more spunk than substance. Just when it seems that he and his partner may make a go of the bullfighting business in Cuba, the main attraction gets loose, causing chaos in a breakneck action sequence that seems spontaneous, though it must have been carefully planned. This reflexive farce includes other playful deceptions as well as thought balloons and intertitles containing jokes that are political platitudes and vice versa. It's all very lively, but the cumulative effect is of broadness for its own sake rather than the overhaul of film language that seems intended. The screenplay by director Julio Garcia Espinosa was based on a novel by Samuel Feijoo.

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