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When: Saturdays. Continues through March 30 2013

This 80-minute variety show is snappy, sassy, and (for the audience, at least) effortlessly entertaining, with a new lineup performing each week. On the night I attended, the bill included insouciant comedy, salacious striptease, and several wacky musical numbers. The audience was welcomed by Gil T Dubs, a charismatic hostess with a tiny vest, minuscule shorts, and an enormous voice reminiscent of Ursula, the sea witch from Disney's The Little Mermaid. Among the highlights: Scarlett DeVille, whose bawdy dance hinged on every component of her costume fitting so snugly that undressing involved a whole lot of suggestive wiggling, jiggling, and fidgeting. Mike Goodman's country version of Kelis's 2003 pop sex anthem "Milkshake" ("My milkshake brings all the boys to the yard") was a sidesplitting riot. But it was Meredith Miller's eccentric turn as a ship at sea that stole the show. —Jena Cutie

Price: $12-$20