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The Arbor, The Artist, and Fringe

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  • Fringe

Brian Levin, Chicago-based cinematographer and editor, sits on the edge of his seat during:

Fringe As an avid television viewer I love shows with epic mythologies. J.J. Abrams, who created Lost and is credited with changing the way we watch television, creates another show both more, and less, grounded in reality than Lost was.

Fringe's first season was very episodic, with few connective elements between episodes; however, here in season four the Fringe team is dealing with parallel universes, time travel, and even crazier fringe science, all while remaining heartfelt, funny, and thrilling!

As a cinematographer and editor, one of the things I appreciate most about the show is its inclusion of very home-brew-style special effects. Any editor interested in motion graphics will have undoubtedly visited and realized that Andrew Kramer created the opening title sequence for Fringe. The rest of the show's exemplary effects all take a page from Kramer's work.

Fringe can be seen on Fox, Friday nights at 8.

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