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The Architect Who Built UIC


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To the editors:

I read with obvious interest the canonization of Daniel Coffey and wish to reply ["The Architect Who's Rebuilding Chicago," August 27].

(1) The statements quoting me about UIC are a fair rendition of my telephone interview. (2) The statement about the columns sinking has never been verified and on my visual inspection was inaccurate and as the saying goes "for want of a shim." (3) The workers destroying the concrete told me that they had never seen such uniformly good concrete and wondered why it was being destroyed. (4) The trellis concept (a regular feature of Burnham and Olmsted) was never explored. (5) A visit to the site will show that some columns were selected to remain. (6) I fought the destruction of the Stock Exchange and although the building could unfortunately not be saved I incorporated the arch and the trading room into the east wing of the Art Institute. (7) I assisted in saving Robie House. (8) My work at the Park District is well-known. (9) Personal disparagement by the press shows little understanding of my effort to maintain the essence and quality of the campus. (10) I received the same treatment about the design of the chapel.

I stand by my statements of this destructive act.

Walter A. Netsch


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