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The Astronaut's Wife

The plot of this slow, arty thriller, about an extraterrestrial force that intends to colonize earth by impregnating an astronaut's wife, is drawn out to ridiculous lengths—a few obvious points repeated in several sumptuous locations. The astronaut (Johnny Depp), apparently unscathed after a mission goes awry, doesn't seem quite himself, but he's hopelessly inscrutable. His wife (Charlize Theron) is supposed to seem complicated; like her prototype in Rosemary's Baby, she appears paranoid to some of the other characters, but we're meant to know her suspicions are well-founded. It's a nonmystery told from no particular point of view even though it has a classic knowing character—a NASA employee who risks his job and life to expose the truth (Joe Morton). Written and directed by Rand Ravich.

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