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The Axe in the Attic

Carl Deal and Tia Lessin's Trouble the Water, scheduled for release in September, looks at Hurricane Katrina from the center outward, with astonishing video footage shot by a pair of Ninth Ward residents as the storm raged and the waters rose. An excellent companion piece, this 2007 documentary surveys the physical and emotional wreckage from the periphery inward, as video makers Ed Pincus and Lucia Small drive from New England to New Orleans five months after the storm and collect painful testimony from refugees along the way. Their interview subjects weren't shy about hitting them up for cash, and their decision to address this ethical dilemma onscreen mars the narrative with an unnecessary streak of white liberal guilt. But most of the time Pincus and Small are wise enough to stay behind the lens, and the wide array of stories from the “Katrina Diaspora” is like a kaleidoscope of black and blue. 110 min.

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