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The Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans

When I first read about Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans, it was described as a sequel to Bad Lieutenant, Abel Ferrara's 1992 cult favorite about a drug- and gambling-addicted police detective in New York City. When I next read about it, it was described as a remake. Now that I've seen it, I can report that it's neither. Directed by the irrepressible Werner Herzog—who claims he's never seen Ferrara's movie—Port of Call New Orleans plays as if a different filmmaker had been given the same basic premise and sent off to another city to turn it into a movie. Like the character played by Harvey Keitel in the first release, Herzog's protagonist (Nicolas Cage) is a cop whose privileged position gives him the opportunity to vacuum up every drug known to man. But Bad Lieutenant was a Scorsese-style exercise in macho histrionics and tortured Catholicism; Port of Call New Orleans, whose William Finkelstein script Herzog revised as he went along, is more like a dark comedy, powerfully alive to the hothouse culture and relaxed morality of its title town. Continue reading >>



  • Werner Herzog


  • Nicolas Cage
  • Eva Mendes
  • Val Kilmer
  • Alvin Joiner
  • Fairuza Balk
  • Shawn Hatosy
  • Jennifer Coolidge
  • Tom Bower
  • Vondie Curtis-Hall
  • Irma Hall
  • Denzel Whitaker
  • Michael Shannon
  • Shea Whigham
  • Lucius Baston


  • Edward R. Pressman
  • Randall Emmett
  • Alan Polsky
  • Gaby Polsky
  • Stephen Belafonte
  • Avi Lerner
  • Danny Dimbort
  • Trevor Short
  • Boaz Davidson
  • Elliot Rosenblatt

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