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The Best of Alternative Forms

Fourteen short videos created by Columbia College students in “Alternative Forms” classes, which curator Paula Froehle describes as encouraging students to “challenge or subvert mainstream narrative or documentary structures.” They're mostly lighthearted rather than angst ridden, and the best display an inventive, often playful approach. According to Brendan M. Leahy, the car is a place to “reflect on life,” and his Ahead and Behind consists of long takes of a man through his car windshield as he drives through an interminable series of Chicago alleys, with images from his thoughts and memories superimposed on the glass. Ken Czechanski's The Web begins with a man lip-synching the familiar phone dial-up and modem handshake, followed by actors playing chat-room participants set against a starry background, mouthing familiar banalities and talking at cross-purposes; representing them physically points out how alienated Net chat is. And in Terminal One Jonathan Swegle presents O'Hare as creepily desolate, changing speeds, intercutting locations, and relying too much on the music to provide unity. (FC) On the same program, works by Alexandra Sarton, Ryan Kirlin, Jerry Kowalski, Elena Antinelli, Michael King, Bernadette Demisay, Justin Dykhous, Matt Skonicki, Justin Krohn, and Bryan McHenry.


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