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The Brave One

Jodie Foster gave two of her best-remembered performances as abused women ill protected by the law (in Taxi Driver and The Accused), which must have made this story seem like a natural for her. As a talk-radio storyteller who rhapsodizes about New York City, she takes a walk through Central Park at dusk with her fiance, and they get the shit kicked out of them by muggers. When she comes out of her coma, he's six feet under, she's afraid of her own shadow, and the cool steel of a revolver starts looking pretty good. What might have been a serious drama about coming to terms with violence and loss turns into a crowd-pleasing and increasingly far-fetched remake of Death Wish, with Terrence Howard giving another tent-pole performance as the police detective investigating Foster's vigilante killings. Neil Jordan, of all people, directed. R, 119 min.


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