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The Cruise

Bennett Miller's single-minded documentary follows its subject—tour guide and walking encyclopedia Timothy “Speed” Levitch—around Manhattan as Levitch enlightens several busloads of tourists on the mysteries of the universe in microcosm. Demonstrating an exhaustive knowledge of the city's artistic and intellectual history as well as a limitless capacity for introspection, Levitch gives himself lots of room to digress. At one point he complains about someone who promised to read his screenplay but never did—yet unlike most wannabes he never behaves as if his job is something he's fallen back on. This fascinating though repetitive character study proves that not all narcissists require conventional forms of recognition to perpetuate their grandiosity—or to find fulfillment. Levitch's twisted yet rational and highly illuminating musings reveal he may have found the key to a happiness as enviable as it is disturbing (1998). 76 min.


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