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The Curse of the Werewolf

Terence Fisher's 1961 Hammer release features a sympathetic werewolf (Oliver Reed) whose lycanthropy is attributed to childhood trauma. When horror movies make their psychological subtexts explicit, they generally lose some of their power, taking a deliberate step down from myth to metaphor, but this restrained, sensitive film set the standard for its type. With Clifford Evans and Anthony Dawson. 91 min.



  • Terence Fisher


  • Clifford Evans
  • Oliver Reed
  • Yvonne Romain
  • Catherine Feller
  • Anthony Dawson
  • Josephine Llewellyn
  • Richard Wordsworth
  • Hira Talfrey
  • John Gabriel
  • Warren Mitchell
  • Anne Blake
  • George Woodbridge


  • Anthony Hinds

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