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When: Jan. 26-31 2009

After tearing a knee ligament and undergoing surgery last May, Margi Cole decided she wanted to explore the "larger picture" of what she calls "feeling vulnerable rather than invincible." In Supergirl, a solo choreographed for her by Liz Burritt, Cole enters looking frumpy--an invalid in a frilly pink robe, mules, turban, and eyeshade. And yet her stare challenges us to judge her during an opening monologue, as she recites a wish list for aging well and caresses herself in a manner both narcissistic and self-affirming. The get-up turns out to be a disguise, but there's still no quick hop to superpower for this supergirl; the piece portrays her as a complex human being. Cole herself choreographed and--along with the ensemble and her 14-year-old niece--wrote the text for another new work of self-examination, 13, commemorating her company's 13th anniversary. Also on the program, Colleen Halloran's bittersweet 2008 Wise Women Don't Love. --Laura Molzahn

Price: $16-$20


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