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The Destination

Piero Sanna, a former assistant to Ermanno Olmi, made his feature debut with this solid 2003 Italian drama about a young Rome policeman (Roberto Magnani) assigned to a remote Sardinian outpost. The first half focuses on the difficulties he faces in adjusting to an ancient, insular culture that views outsiders with suspicion, while the second concentrates on the pursuit of two local men suspected of murdering a shepherd. Sanna contrasts the island's serene beauty with the inhabitants' aloofness and penchant for violence, credibly dramatizing the events from the cop's isolated perspective. His loneliness is briefly assuaged by a romance with a local woman (Elisabetta Balia), though her initial reluctance is borne out by tragic events that overtake them both. In Italian and Sardinian with subtitles. 124 min.


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