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The Downside of the Deal


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Thanks to Ben Joravsky for his courageous, in-depth journalism on the CTA and the Wilson Yard [The Works, April 29]. The impact of the political deals that plague the Wilson Yard are finally rising to the surface.

Shiller as usual is pushing her agenda of low-income housing in the areas of Uptown that already have 40 percent low-income housing. They continue to build failed low-income housing developments in an area that needs to be commercially revitalized.

Just as Ben Joravsky so aptly stated, Shiller now rubber-stamps the Daley budgets, and Daley gives her whatever she wants, even though he knows it contrasts with his enlightened vision of low-rise housing for the poor.

So this political deal is now not only going to harm the sorely needed revitalization of Uptown's commercial development, but it is going to impact CTA bus service and bus fares for everyone in Chicago. How long will Chicago and the 46th Ward allow this to go on?

Ben Joravsky, you are my hero! Thank you for the keen political insight!

Judy Pier


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