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The Egghead: The Rot in the Cosmic Egg


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The Egghead: the Rot in the Cosmic Egg

Lloyd Brant describes his one-person evening of "metaphysical vaudeville" as "Beckett dropping acid with the Marx Brothers on a trip through Purgatory." Well, I can vouch for the purgatory part, having watched Brant go through the paces of his silly, shallow show, speaking long monologues in gibberish, performing a few minor magic tricks, and pulling three hapless audience members onto the stage for a full 30 minutes of childish jokes and humiliation, including a game of musical chairs with whoopee cushions.

The show has its moments--it's hard not to be swept up in the sheer cruelty of watching fellow audience members forced to sit on toilet seats and make grunting noises. But I couldn't tell you whether I was laughing at them or with them at Brant's infantile sense of humor. I do know that the highlight of the show for me was an audience member's refusal to join Brant onstage, for which she received a hearty round of applause. --Jack Helbig

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