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The Fever

Nice-guy hero Mario manfully embarks on a dreaded government career to finance the nightclub he dreams of opening with friends. His cheery helpfulness arouses only vindictive envy—the fever of the title—in his boss, who implicates him in a political scam involving a dug-up cemetery. But Alessandro D'Alatri's gently incisive satire of government bureaucracy is balanced by an equally jaundiced view of entrepreneurial initiative, as Mario's fair-weather business partners jump ship. Set in the spectacular heart of Cremona, this joyfully sneaky film posits a clear-cut opposition between bourgeois conformity and youthful aspirations only to take delightfully unexpected detours as Mario's love affair with a gorgeous grad student-cum-go-go dancer improbably blossoms over the graveyard of civic corruption. In Italian with subtitles. 108 min.


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