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The Final

Rated R 2010

In Campbell Scott's shifty and absorbing solo debut as director (2001, 111 min.), Denis Leary is an alcoholic musician under lock and key in a mental hospital and Hope Davis is the prim, understated doctor in charge of his case. Leary is convinced that he was cryogenically frozen after crashing his truck into a government installation and has been revived 400 years later only to be given a lethal injection. The film's third-act twist is jarring and surprisingly effective, bolstering the psychological drama that precedes it. Bruce McIntosh adapted his own Pinter-like play, and Scott, shooting on digital video, is skillful in his handling of the actors. Though he's still ranting and cracking wise, Leary is more muted than usual, while Davis handles her more difficult character arc with aplomb.

Film Credits

Director: Joey Stewart

Producer: Jason Kabolati

Cast: Marc Donato, Jascha Washington, Whitney Hoy, Justin Arnold, Travis Tedford, Ju Lin, Lindsay Seidel, Mark Nutter, Hunter Garner, Eric Isenhower, Preston Flagg, Matthew Posey, Laura Samuels and Vincent Silochan


The Final

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