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The Flip Side

Three Filipino-American kids living at home veer off in wildly different cultural directions in Rod Pulido's funny and telling 1999 film. Displaying the arbitrary affectations of youth, Davis adopts hip-hop mannerisms to the point of wanting to be black, Marivic talks like a Valley girl and tells her white boyfriend she's Hawaiian, and Darius, just home from his first year in college, has become a Filipino nationalist, studying Tagalog and dressing in skimpy tribal attire. The family conflicts are fairly predictable, but Darius does succeed in drawing out his lottery-addicted grandfather by taking an interest in his past. Despite some amateurish moments, Pulido displays genuine visual intelligence, using repeated static angles to emphasize the blandness of the family's anonymous tract house and moving with the characters as they try to individualize themselves. 80 min.


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