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The Gold Rush

Charles Chaplin's best-loved film (1925), with the tramp down-and-out (as usual) in Alaska, where he looks for gold, falls in love with a dance-hall girl (Georgia Hale), eats his shoes for Thanksgiving dinner, and ends up a millionaire. The blend of slapstick and pathos is seamless, although the cynicism of the final scene is still surprising. Chaplin's later films are quirkier and more personal, but this is quintessential Charlie, and unmissable.



  • Charles Chaplin


  • Charles Chaplin
  • Mack Swain
  • Tom Murray
  • Georgina Hale
  • Betty Morrissey
  • Kay Deslys
  • Joan Lowell
  • Malcolm Waite
  • Henry Bergman
  • John Rand
  • Heinie Conklin
  • Albert Austin
  • Al Ernest Garcia
  • Tom Wood


  • Charles Chaplin


  • Charles Chaplin

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