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The Headhunter's Sister

Watching this movie, set on Manahattan's Lower East Side, is like watching a juicy soap opera, a snappy sitcom, and an intimate stage play at the same time. Ray, a law-firm recruiter, has recently entered into a marriage of convenience with a Colombian phone-sex worker when his sister, whose own marriage is on the rocks, makes the first of several visits from her California suburb. She hooks up with Ray's best friend, who introduces her to heroin and delivers most of the movie's intentionally overclever lines. He, Ray, and Ray's sister are too aware of the cliches they represent to say much that doesn't have quotes around it. The emotions that break through their posturing reveal personal dramas that are both poignant and no big deal—making the characters persuasive representatives of a metropolis where even an individual's unique experience seems formulaic because so many others are having it. Written and directed by Scott Saunders; with Bob McGrath, Elizabeth Schofield, Isabel Robayo, and Michael Harris.

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