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The Hidden Fortress

Samurai leader Toshiro Mifune conducts his princess, Misa Uehara, across a war-torn landscape to safety in a casual, often satiric action film directed by Akira Kurosawa. The princess turns out to be a tough, imperious wench, the samurai is perceived as a cunning manipulator, and the foreground is taken over by two quarrelsome, grubbing peasants. George Lucas says he lifted the plot of Star Wars from this 1958 production, which remains the only Kurosawa film unburdened by a need to make art. In Japanese with subtitles. 139 min.



  • Roger Cantin


  • Matthew Dupuis
  • Roxane Gaudette-Loiseau
  • Jerome Leclerc-Couture
  • Jean-Philippe Debien
  • Charles Arcouette-Martineau
  • Xavier Dolan-Tadros
  • Laurent-Christophe De Ruelle
  • Carmina Senosier
  • Emilie Cyrenne-Parent
  • Serge-Olivier Paquette
  • Hugo DubĂ©
  • George Brossard
  • Patrick LabbĂ©
  • Isabelle Cyr
  • Gaston Caron


  • Rock Demers
  • Chantal Lafleur

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