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The Holy Biker

86 minutes 2016

This semicoherent action movie has something to do with Brazilian motorcycle gangs fighting in the desert to claim a Virgin Mary statue that's believed to have magic powers. The film's stark locations, religious symbolism, and violent eroticism sometimes recall the 1970s work of Alejandro Jodorowsky, but first-time director Homero Olivetto lacks the other filmmaker's mad showmanship, delivering only a tepid biker saga with the occasional dreamlike flourish. There’s some nice action, and Olivetto's use of sped-up motion heightens the suspense of the vehicular chases, but the movie tends to flatten out whenever the characters get off their bikes, and a pervasive air of sexism undermines the fun (the hero spends a good deal of the movie assisting a stranded woman from the city, who spontaneously disrobes and offers herself to him). In Portuguese with subtitles.

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