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The Imperialists Are Still Alive!

Rated NR 90 minutes 2011

Zeina Durra's debut feature lovingly recalls the new-wave films of the 1960s, with frames composed like little tableaux and dialogue that mixes ideology with goofy non sequiturs. (The title fittingly alludes to Godard's La Chinoise.) At the same time Durra boldly attempts to capture the contemporary zeitgeist with her knowing depiction of ethnic communities, hipster nightlife, and post-Patriot Act paranoia. The radiant Elodie Bouchez stars as a Jordanian-Lebanese-Bosnian-Palestinian artist who's living in Manhattan and desperately searching for something to believe in. Remarkably, neither her political despair nor her cute romance with a Mexican lawyer comes across as self-regarding: Durra is too drunk on the world around her to stray from the big picture. In English and various subtitled languages.

Film Credits

Director: Zeina Durra

Producer: Matthew Chausse and Vanessa Hope

Cast: Élodie Bouchez, José María de Tavira, Karim Saleh, Karolina Muller, Marianna Kulukundis, Rita Ackerman, Pierluca Arancio, Karen Lynn Gorney, Alexander Wraith, Vanessa Hope, Coati Mundi, Sophie Auster, Rodrigo Lopresti, Sebastian Beacon and Alexis Savino


The Imperialists Are Still Alive!

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