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Based on Marie Brenner's 1996 Vanity Fair article "The Man Who Knew Too Much," this docudrama exposes Big Tobacco with low-key fervor. It resists obvious opportunities to sensationalize the dilemmas of a former head of R and D who had to decide what to do with what he knew and a 60 Minutes producer who found he didn't necessarily have the support of his network, almost cagily creating understated drama from high-stakes reality. The grandiose visual style of director Michael Mann (Manhunter, Heat), whose intensive expressionism also motivates the editing and the use of sound and music, enhances the material--this may be the only issue movie I've ever seen that's also abstract art. Mann wrote the screenplay with Eric Roth; with Al Pacino, Russell Crowe, and Christopher Plummer. Arlington, City North 14, Deerbrook, Elk Grove, Fine Arts, Glen Ellyn, Lincolnshire 20, Rolling Meadows, 600 N. Michigan, Yorktown. --Lisa Alspector

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