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The Internet put a friendly foot forward on Hive Mind


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The Internet emerged out of the Odd Future collective in 2011, and with their R&B sound and charisma, they’ve effectively stood out among more than a dozen projects associated with the volatile hip-hop group. Much of the credit for their recent evolution goes to songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and producer Steve Lacy, who joined the Internet as a guitarist and vocalist in 2013, when they began working on Ego Death (which came out in 2015), bringing a refined ingenuity as co-executive producer. Lacy has asserted himself even more on their fourth album, July’s Hive Mind (Columbia), sharing vocal duties with front woman Syd (formerly Syd tha Kyd) on a handful of songs. But despite Lacy’s increasing presence, the Internet still feel tethered to Syd; the lush, lived-in new record owes its amiably low-key magnetism to her. Syd’s tranquil, masterful flow on the skeletal rap percussion and cool R&B ambience of “Next Time/Humble Pie” helps make the Internet come across as a group of people who'd be down to split pizza with fans, no matter how large their name may appear on the poster for any major festival. Though they've reached the level of success where other groups choose to seek power in their physical distance from the audience, the Internet knows a friendly touch can go a long way.   v

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