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The Jaundiced Eye

A Michigan father and son, convicted in 1990 of molesting the younger man's son, are exonerated during the making of this persuasive exposé of manipulative investigators and social workers, homophobic family members with misplaced resentments, bureaucratic self-righteousness, and legal incompetence. But the force of the social criticism is diminished by contrivance and the inclusion of peripheral material. An advocate for innocent people accused of child molestation is exposed as a Barry Manilow fan mainly for the camp value of her office, which is obsessively decorated with photos and concert memorabilia. And it?s pointlessly provocative to show the putative victim's father stepping back and forth over the state line as he jokes about having been forbidden to cross it, and simply opportunistic to have him say it's the pedophiles in prison who become Bible readers right after a section on his father?s jailhouse interest in the Bible. Written and directed by Nonny de la Peña.


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