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The Jungle Book

A deflated Disney version of the Kipling children's stories, made during a time (1967) when the studio was spending as little money as possible on its animation division. A good deal of the footage here has actually been traced from earlier shorts and features, and—as increasingly became the Disney habit—celebrity voices are used as a way of shortcutting the characterization that was once created through gestures and rhythms. A serious disappointment, recommended only for inveterate Disney fans and very young people.



  • Wolfgang Reitherman


  • Phil Harris
  • Sebastian Cabot
  • Louis Prima
  • George Sanders
  • Sterling Holloway
  • J. Pat O'Malley
  • Bruce Reitherman
  • Verna Felton
  • Clint Howard
  • Chad Stuart
  • Lord Tim Hudson
  • John Abbott
  • Ben Wright
  • Darleen Carr

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