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The Keep

This supernatural thriller has the look of a doomed project—one of those movies, like Lucky Lady or Catch-22, where something went irretrievably, inexplicably wrong, but the results had to be released anyway. At least that's a more charitable assumption than blaming it all on the writer-director, Michael Mann (Thief), whose work as displayed here wouldn't cut the mustard on a Saturday morning kids' show. The film—about a squad of Nazi soldiers who accidentally unleash a diabolical force in a remote Romanian village—is almost absurdly uncentered in terms of plot, structure, and character; none of it makes dramatic—or even temporal—sense. There is some nice art direction—particularly on the title structure, a kind of Dracula's castle by Frank Lloyd Wright—but it only serves to shelter an utterly forlorn cast; Scott Glenn, Jurgen Prochnow, Robert Prosky, Ian McKellen. 96 min.


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