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The Last Hero in China

Wong Jing takes over from director Tsui Hark for this 1993 installment in the Wong Fei-hung series, which established Jet Li, a martial-arts champion in mainland China, as a Hong Kong action star second only to Jackie Chan at the box office. As the good doctor Wong, a Cantonese folk hero of the late 19th century, Li tends toward the stoic and intense; Wong Jing tries without success to replicate the more comedic tone of Chan's films, placing the doctor's clinic next to a whorehouse and loading up on sight gags and raunchy one-liners. The film's leering slapstick is partially offset by the spectacular fights, which were staged by Yuen Wo-ping (Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon) to spotlight Li's feline prowess. 105 min.


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