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The Man I Love

This 1946 film by Raoul Walsh isn't well known in America, though it has a solid reputation in France. Ida Lupino, who carried the neurotic female half of Walsh's They Drive by Night, plays a nightclub singer in love with mobster Robert Alda, fighting emotional limitations much as Walsh's male heroes battle the limitations of space and physical endurance. With Andrea King, Martha Vickers, and Alan Hale.



  • Raoul Walsh


  • Ida Lupino
  • Robert Alda
  • Bruce Bennett
  • Andrea King
  • Martha Vickers
  • Alan Hale
  • Dolores Moran
  • John Ridgely
  • Don McGuire
  • Warren Douglas
  • Craig Stevens
  • William Edmunds
  • Patrick Griffin
  • Florence Bates
  • Barbara Brown
  • Robin Raymond
  • Jack Mower
  • Monte Blue
  • Ben Welden


  • Arnold Albert

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