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The M.O. of M.I.

Like a really bad soap opera, this 2001 indie video from Austin crosses into that strange nether zone of compulsively watchable junk. A performance artist and hustler (David Christopher) finds himself performing in the town where his former lover lives (David Stokey) and immediately finds a way into the man's house and life. Trouble ensues when the visitor threatens to reveal some of his old flame's shady business transactions, and the flame's live-in boyfriend (Cory Schneider) becomes hysterical over the visitor. Director Susan Turley has little control over her material—which includes a double cross, a triple cross, and a bizarre subplot involving a stolen briefcase pursued by a pair of sadistic thugs—but she has enough sense to maintain a high level of hysteria. If nothing else, you won't be bored. 90 min.


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