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The Mummy Returns

Set around 3000 BC and in 1933, this sequel to The Mummy (the 1999 movie based on the 1932 movie) is a special-effects adventure-comedy filmed in the vast expanses of Morocco and cyberspace. Immediately plunging into what seems like the middle of a story about the role of ancient artifacts in the destinies of those who have the nerve to unearth them, the movie eventually finds excuses for making what appear to be thousands of human extras battle what appear to be millions of computer-generated ones. Other effects include the World Wrestling Federation's the Rock as the Scorpion King, a mostly computer-generated character whose “costume” is nearly as elaborate as that of a professional wrestler. It's all very impressive without being particularly enthralling. Written and directed by Stephen Sommers; with Brendan Fraser and Rachel Weisz. 121 min.

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