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The Organic Community Kicks Ass


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Dear editor:

As the president of an organic distributor that employs 40 people in Chicago's Englewood community, I was disappointed to read your cover story on organic food, which implied that organic standards have been rolled back ["Organic: It Means Whatever the Feds Say It Does," July 16]. This is simply false. For the third time the organic community responded en masse to a threat from the USDA, and, for lack of a better term, we kicked their ass! Once again USDA Secretary Ann Veneman had to admit they were wrong and rebuffed her staffers at the National Organic Program for their unilateral actions. I should not have had to get to the second page of your article to read this. It really left people with the wrong impression.

Keep buying organic food, people. It sure beats the genetically engineered, irradiated garbage you're eating otherwise.

Robert Scaman

S. Lowe

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