The Owl | Logan Square | 4 AM Bar, Craft Beer, DJ /Dance Bar | Bar

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Hours: Sunday-Friday 7 PM-4 AM, Saturday 7 PM-5 AM

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There's a waterfall behind the bar—that’s definitely something. Fortunately, though, the 4 AM spot brought to Logan Square by the people behind Estelle's, Easy Bar, and Alive One has a handful of other amenities, including a solid rotation of 17 beers on tap and a decor posh enough that your bad decisions will appear almost glamorous. Formerly La Estrella Nite Club, the space is big and roomy, so it's not hard to find a nook to escape to on weekend nights when the dance floor starts getting too sweaty. It's true that the Owl can turn clubby and attract undesirables to Logan Square that some neighborhood lifers will bum about, but if you’re willing to shrug that off for good weekly drink deals and a party-life moment or two, it’s not too bad at all. —Kevin Warwick