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The Peacemaker

A celebration of paranoia and arrogant thuggery, this is about America (in the person of George Clooney, resembling Oliver North by way of John Wayne in his Green Berets mode) slapping everyone and everything in its path in order to make the world (i.e., the U.S.) safe for . . . what? Movies like this? When a crazed eastern European terrorist with nuclear capacities holds the world at ransom, a corrupt, philistine lieutenant colonel (Clooney) demonstrates to his putative superior, a nuclear scientist with apparent smarts and scruples—Nicole Kidman in the Jodie Foster part—what “reality” is all about. Sure enough, she defers to him on every issue and winds up sobbing gratefully in his arms. Mimi Leder directed Michael Schiffer's script, handling some of the action sequences deftly enough to promote the latent idea that people who don't speak English don't deserve to live—unless, like Armin Mueller-Stahl's character, they're in cahoots with simian role models like Clooney. Have yourself a ball.

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