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The Perfect Guy

In this formulaic thriller, a young professional (Sanaa Lathan) getting over a breakup with her longtime boyfriend (Morris Chestnut) dives into a serious relationship with a charming stranger (Michael Ealy) who is really a violent, possessive psychopath. Director David M. Rosenthal builds suspense slowly and effectively, and the leads aren't bad; Lathan fills out her underwritten character and Ealy, with his cold stare and robotic posture, makes for a striking screen villain. Despite touching on such topics as stalking and cyberbullying, the movie lacks any sort of subtext, which makes it easy to watch and even easier to forget.



  • David Rosenthal


  • Sanaa Lathan
  • Michael Ealy
  • Morris Chestnut
  • L. Caldwell
  • Charles Dutton
  • Tess Harper
  • Kathryn Morris
  • Rutina Wesley
  • Holt McCallany
  • Jessica Kennedy
  • David Starzyk
  • Ronnie Blevins
  • Wilmer Calderon
  • Gordon Clapp
  • Duncan Joiner


  • Nicole Rocklin
  • Wendy Rhoads
  • Darryl Taja
  • Tommy Oliver
  • Michael Ealy
  • Sanaa Lathan
  • Glenn S. Gainor

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