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The Powerpuff Girls Movie

This Cartoon Network feature-length animation manages to teach kids some good lessons and amuse the grown-ups without overdosing on pop-culture references. The three huge-eyed heroines—the result of a lab experiment involving sugar, spice, and “Chemical X”—are well-meaning, well-behaved little girls who just happen to have superpowers, and their creator, Professor Utonium, tries to teach them how to balance their desire to fit in with their need to be accepted for their specialness. As the girls battle a mutant monkey, there are references to everything from Japanese animation and UPA cartoons of the 1950s to Planet of the Apes and King Kong, and though the action is a bit intense for very young kids, it's probably no worse than what they see on television. Directed by Craig McCracken. 85 min.

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