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The Prometheus Myth


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Writer-director Stephanie M. Acosta's hour-long "re-imagining" of the tortured Titan's story is a noble effort that doesn't quite succeed. Though the Anatomy Collective's puppetry adds to the drama, Acosta has included so much of the mythology surrounding Prometheus that the tales are a jumble. And her formal language is too ornate to be readily understood and too declamatory to create a sense of drama or empathy. An exception is the dialogue between Prometheus and Hermes, sent by Zeus to extract a secret from humankind's champion--one of the few genuine exchanges between characters. Alex Miles Younger definitely looks the part of the boyish messenger yet delivers his lines with expert nuance, and Sheila Reagan as Prometheus is thoughtful and affecting throughout. Through 5/28: Thu-Sat 8 PM, Sun 5 PM, Riverfront Works Lofts, 2147 S. Lumber, 312-243-7140, $10-$12, industry show Thu 5/18.

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