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The Robber

The lone-wolf protagonists of Michael Mann's films look like glad-handing Rotarians compared to the stone-faced bank robber and champion marathoner at the center of this Austrian drama. Paroled from a prison term that he's used as a training sabbatical, the criminal (Andreas Lust) reverts immediately to his life of crime, executing armed bank raids with the same steely discipline he brings to his running regimen. Less characteristically, he allows a love affair to compromise his solitude, though it doesn't take long for his girlfriend (Franziska Weisz) to figure out he's the masked man making national headlines. Writer-director Benjamin Heisenberg serves up a lean and solidly satisfying existentialist thriller, based on the real-life exploits of Johannes "Pump-Gun Ronnie" Kastenberger. In German with subtitles.



  • Benjamin Heisenberg


  • Andreas Lust
  • Franziska Weisz
  • Markus Schleinzer
  • Florian Wotruba
  • Johann Bednar
  • Peter Vilnai
  • Max Edelbacher

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